When God Can Move Mountains But Doesn’t

When God Can Move Mountains But Doesn't

I threw an amazing party.  It was rocking.  Probably the best party I had thrown. And there I was on the floor of our master bedroom, crying out to God, pleading with God, desperate for an answer.    “Save us God.  We are drowning.  We don’t know where to go.  We don’t know what to do.  We’ve been unemployed for months now.  You’ve provided, but where are you leading us? I can’t do this anymore.”  And no answer came.  So in my desperation, I did what any normal woman would do.  I grabbed a bag of candy, and cried some more.  Ugly face cry, sobbing and all.  My amazing party was the best pity party I had ever thrown.



Let me back up for a bit.  So we were living the dream.  Traveling, racking up debt because we had no clue how to budget or that we were actually suppose to pay cash for things (because who does that nowadays)?  We had the money to pay cash, but oh those points rack up if you use the plastic instead.  So we were living the dream on the card.  Going to Disney each year.  My husband was overseeing 10 restaurants in SC, traveling a ton, and I was staying at home with the kiddos.

Then we take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with some good friends of ours Dan and Char.  And oh boy, our world is rocked.  Oh crap!  What were we doing all of these years?  Definitely not saving.  Yes, paying our tithes.  But definitely not saving or living a debt free life.  Who actually lives debt-free?  Is that even a thing?  So we start implementing Godly principles, and we are on a budget, tithing, all that jazz.  And last year alone we were able to pay off close to 40k in debt, and my husband had one of the best years of his career.  You can watch our story HERE.


We were on a high: paying off debt, not traveling as much, adjusting our life to fit the vision for our family, serving our community and local church, and then bam.  My husband calls me one day and says, “Something’s not right.  I think my boss is trying to get rid of me.”  And mind you, we knew this wasn’t forever.  His hours were crazy.  We had 4 little ones, 3 who were 4 and under, but we had a 2-5 year plan.  And in that plan, we would be completely debt-free, and a few years later, we wouldn’t even have a mortgage payment.  Bam.  We got this.  We had a plan.  We were making progress.  We were living biblically, and the news that my husband could potentially lose his job?  Wow.  It was absolutely terrifying.  It would change everything.  Yes, we wanted to do something else career wise, but when we had something else lined up!   So I immediately start praying, “God if Nate gets let go, please provide for our family.  Please just take care of us.”  Nate was let go.  And our worst fears were confirmed. Our world was rocked.  We were terrified.  He had been with the company close to 20 years.  What do we do now?  We had always lived on one income.  Yes, I had my Acting Skinny side business, but that was “fun money.”  I wasn’t actually “PAYING THE BILLS!”  This CHANGES everything.

That was five months ago.  We’ve been unemployed for 5 months.  Five months of praying.  Five months of sometimes even fasting.  One month of not knowing how we were going to pay our mortgage, and then God supernaturally and abundantly blessing us!  Taking care of our mortgage, a temporary car AND much more!  But God!

The highs and lows of it all.  Five months of being in the same house, under one roof, 6 people in one house, ALL the time.  I was going insane.  So there I was.  Completely done.  Completely unglued.  Ugly crying, sobbing, crying out to God. “God, we’ve done everything “right”.  We are trusting in you, seeking you, giving, praying, raising our kids to honor and love you.  I have nothing left to give.”

And then he finally spoke, “With just one word, I can move mountains.  With just one word, things happen. I can change your situation right now, but will you trust me even when I don’t move the mountains in your timing or the way you want me to move them?  I can, I will, but are you trusting me until then? Will you “yet, praise Me,” through the good and the bad? Or will you JUST Praise ME when your husband is making a 6 figure job, you get to live as you wish, without a care in the world.”  Wow.

When God can move mountains but doesn’t, that does not mean He is not good.  It doesn’t mean He is not there.  It doesn’t mean that He doesn’t care, that you’re forgotten, abandoned, left alone to fend for yourself friend.

Psalm 27: 10 says, “When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me.”

When the Israelites were brought out of Egypt, God never left them.  They grumbled, complained.  He provided daily for them.  He gave them what they needed, maybe not what they wanted, but everything they needed!  And they still wanted more.

I wanted more.  I wanted it now.  I wanted my way. My plan.  My perfect life.  And when God can move mountains, but doesn’t…. I now realize, I can’t just sit here and have a pity party because things aren’t going my way. Things are tough and rough.  And not easy.  But God is working friend.  He’s shifting some things even though I may not understand why.  He’s working behind the scenes on our behalf, even though it seems like every job is a dead end.  God is God, friends even when we question his sovereignty, his power, his LOVE for us!

So now, can I challenge you? I learned a great deal at RTF, Restoring the Foundations.  It, along with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, rocked our world!   When you’re feeling discouraged with where God has you, with the season of life you’re in, with situations that seem so insurmountable only God can fix:

  • PRAISE GOD IN ADVANCE.  Can you do that?  Don’t be like the Israelites or me for that matter, grumbling and complaining.  Thank God for who He is, ask Him to show you what He’s doing in your heart.   Praise God for being good.  Have faith that God has you!  God has your situation.    God is bigger than anything you may face.
  • ALIGN YOURSELF, position yourself, with His plan, His will, and not the other way around.  Ask God, what he wants from you.  What His plan is for your life, instead of “telling God”….ok God, this is what I want to do.  I’ll raise my hand for that one because OMG, I’m so guilty of doing that!  🙂  So align yourself with God’s will, His plan, and not your own plan.

Its’s been 5 months and counting, friend.  We’ve been  unemployed, but we have everything we need because God is bigger than this!   And God has absolutely taken care of us supernaturally.  He is good.  He is sovereign.  He is faithful.  When God can move mountains but doesn’t, it’s not because he can’t.  He can, but will you trust Him until He does or doesn’t?  Will you trust that He knows best whether it goes your way or not? Let’s put away our chocolate or candy, wipe away our pity party tears, and trust God today…because HE IS GOOD and MORE THAN ENOUGH!  When God can move mountains, but doesn’t, please know THAT YOU ARE LOVED!

Speaking of good, check this out!


I was having a rocking pity party, and without knowing of my amazing party, a friend dropped this gift off!  It was almost as if God saying, “I will never leave you nor forsake you, Shelly.”  I was a sobbing mess saying, “Are you kidding God!”  But He’s awesome like that, and blows our minds when we least expect it!

Praying a blessing over you friend, and thank you for reading!

Shelly Young

Author of “30 Days of Affirmation”


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Author: Shelly Young

Hi! I'm Shelly, a dreamer of big dreams, a ​recovering perfectionist and "do too much" homeschooling mama of 4 full of energy, life, and incredible kiddos.

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  1. It has been 4 years of struggle for us. We have been blessed but still struggling. We were 2 years from being debt free when my husband lost his job and a month later I found out that a baby that wasn’t supposed to be possible was on the way. Thank you for the encouragement!


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