How to Rock Social Media Like a Boss

How to Rock Social Media Like a Boss

Hey #girlboss!

Last year, I relaunched Acting Skinny, after being a stay at home mom for 8 YEARS!  Last fall 98% of my sales came strictly from Social Media, and we were able to pay cash for our first Christmas ever!  Yes!  In the month of December alone, after launching 3 months prior, I was able to contribute over  $500 dollars to our family’s Christmas!  Paying cash for everything for the first time ever!  I mean who doesn’t want to earn cash for their family FROM HOME!

As a mom and wife, I didn’t think it was possible to do something I loved FROM home, with a family, homeschooling, and do it well!  Well.  I was wrong!  Big time!  When I launched my Acting Skinny scarf line of homemade scarves, I was able to earn all of that through social media!  People weren’t visiting my website Acting Skinny tons because my content wasn’t super appealing at that time, so  social media was my main source of earning revenue!  And in less than a year, my little ole “at home” business has grown so much, helping me earn an income, pay off debt, WHILE being a stay home mama of 4 AND a wife!

So here are my tips for Rocking Social Media like a Boss!

  1. PLAN OUT your social media posts across the different platforms for the week!  And post regularly!  So sit down, and think about what each post should look like for a week.  For instance: I plan to do three posts per day on Instagram: one fitness, one food, and one “inspirational quote, product, or lifestyle” post!  And then I try to have an idea of what each post will look like! But then I tailor my posts to my target audiences.  My instagram looks very different than my Facebook, and my audience for the two are totally different!  So try to think about your audience and what they would like to see more of from you!
  2. Create a BUSINESS PAGE separate from your personal page to really make your “brand” stand out.  Then with your business page, whenever you have a new product, boost that product!  But not just a “buy me” post!  Tell a story about why this product will help others!  Or how it has helped you!  My scarf line told a story!  I created my spring scarf line and named it after my late grandma lillie, because she absolutely loved spring, flowers, and just liveliness!  So I created a story around her and the new spring scarf line, boosted that post so that people beyond my social network would see it!  You can reach thousands, millions (maybe) with boosted posts and Facebook (and now Instagram, and Pinterest) ads!  SO, create that business page, tell a story around new products, and boost those new products so that the outside world can see!
  3. Add VALUABLE CONTENT to the lives of others!  Your posts should not just be around your products!  Add value by providing helpful insight (i.e quotes, inspiration, information, tips, tools to help the lives of others).  For instance, one of the ways I add value to the lives of others is through quotes, blog posts, offering business tips to other mompreneurs, offering freebies like meal plans and fitness plans, my devotion, showing others how to write a book, just to name a few.  How can you add valuable content to the lives of others?
  4. COMMENT, LIKE, SHARE, ENGAGE with your followers, and potential clients.  Comment on people’s photos who are your target demographics.  People want to know you care.  So comment on posts, like their posts, and really engage with your audience.  Meaningful comments.  And really take the time to cultivate and nurture relationships with people on social media!  Build relationships.  I’ve made tons of connections virtually.  One lady on Instagram lives in California.  She’s some producer chick, and travels all over the world. But she takes the time to connect with her followers by asking questions to get to know her followers.  And then she takes the time to actually respond back!
  5. Use STOCK PHOTOS to create beautiful images and quotes that represent your brand!  You may be asking what is a stock photo!  A stock photo is a photo that is taken by a photographer for blogs, companies, businesses to help represent a particular brand! An example of this is the picture you see above.  I used a stock photo by Rekita Nicole who has an amazing site and stock photos for free!  Check out her page for amazing stock photos to really give your brand a virtual “makeover!”

I grew my business in less than a year by providing valuable content outside of my products/services, interacting with followers and potential clients, using stock photos to really highlight my company’s aura, created a business page separate than my personal, AND, I post regularly on the different social media platforms BECAUSE my target audience…..they are on social media DAILY!  AND NOT JUST ONE!  If you want to grow your business on social media, you have to be on social media MAKING A DIFFERENCE, setting yourself apart from the millions and billions of users.  Make your content pop!  Set yourself apart by offering amazing content, valuable tips and resources because you’re awesome like that!  You got this girl!    You’re amazing, and I want you to rock out social media like a boss, so let’s go out and do that today!

Until next time, stay tuned for my fall scarf line coming soon!  Full of amazing blanket scarf goodness, and fall fashion trends!  Are you ready for fall?  This summer is blazing here in Columbia!  🙂

Shelly Young

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Author: Shelly Young

Hi! I'm Shelly, a dreamer of big dreams, a ​recovering perfectionist and "do too much" homeschooling mama of 4 full of energy, life, and incredible kiddos.

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    1. Thank you so much! It def is hard to keep up! In my mind, and on paper, I do try to make a blueprint of all my social media accounts, goals for each of them, and then go from there! You got this Chica! You can do it! 😉❤️Happy Sunday!

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