5 Secrets To Dreaming Bigger When You Just Want to #QUIT


It was just last year, I had this seemingly pipe dream of finishing my first book! After 6 years of writing, my “pipe” dream came to fruition! And my first book was published! And goodness, after publishing it, I doubted myself and my writing abilities! Then before I launched my first scarf line after not sewing for over decade, my sewing mentor Mrs Anne will tell you, I almost quit! I thought I would never sew well enough to sell one single piece! But God!


(The First Piece to my Fall Scarf Line!!!!  So stinking excited!)

It started in 2010, when I started sketching pieces for a fashion line, from “Rags to Riches” was the lines title!  I was a personal trainer, going on acting auditions, this “Do Too Much” mama of 1 at the time, who had a dream!  A pipe dream.  I wasn’t even sewing then!  But I had a dream.  Clothing line, books, you name it, I’ve probably put it on my imaginary dream board!

So after sitting on my dream for years taking care of tons of babies, nursing, homeschooling, and supporting my husband’s career as a restauranteur, last year I finally decided to spread my wings.  Four kids, homeschooling mom, three kids who were (3 and under), yes I was nuts.  A looney tune some may call me.

As crazy as it sounded, I stepped onto this journey that I call mompreneuring, a mom who is an entrepreneur!  I wanted to dream bigger, but man…it was hard!  I wanted to quit so many times during this journey!  It’s not easy “dreaming bigger” at times, especially if you’re going against the grain, you have lack of support, or you haven’t gotten the results from the fruits of your labor.  For me, sometimes it was just too tough.  I doubted myself, and my abilities!  Some of you may feel discouraged from dreaming bigger because you’ve spent countless hours trying to venture out and do something you love, and it just hasn’t happened for you!  I understand and have been there.  I’ve wanted to quit too, but dreams don’t happen if you aren’t willing to put in the work to make them happen!

So here are my 5 Secrets to Dreaming Bigger When You Just Want to #QUIT!  

1.To do big things, sometimes you have to say no to average things! 💪😍If you want to write a book, you’re gonna have to say no to certain play dates, girls nights out, or functions during the writing process! You want to own your own business, it’s gonna take some sacrifices! But you can! There’s nothing special about me! I’m just a homeschool mom of four, who believes in dreaming bigger, and being all that God created!

2. Surround yourself with people who want you to win!  Let’s call it your dream team!You need a supporting cast to hold you up when you just want to quit, and throw in the towel!  Your dream team is there to encourage, motivate, help, and be in the stands rooting you on and walking (or running) with you on this journey!

3. Write out your weekly, daily, monthly goals, and be intentional about taking action steps daily!  If you don’t have a vision of where you want to be, then you’re going to wander around aimlessly not accomplishing much!  So write it out!  I like to write my goals out in my “Praying Bigger” journal, or one of my  many planners!  🙂 I also a freebie Mompreneur GOALS printable for you to DOWNLOAD for free!

4. Take time to rest.  After putting in countless hours into making your dream a reality, you have to refuel, rejuvenate, take a deep breath.  So plan in some down time!  Plan a girls night out after working on your project, go see a movie, schedule a spa day!

5. Write out a DREAM so big, the only way it’ll happen is if God is in it!  I want you to dream bigger, and bigger, and bigger!  Not because you aren’t content with where you are, but because we serve a God who is bigger AND HE wants to do bigger through US!  But many times, we are so afraid, and we walk in our fears instead of walking in our faith!  So WRITE OUT A DREAM that is bigger than you could ever accomplish!  And every single day, take a look at that dream!  And walk, no run toward making it happen knowing that God has equipped you with gifts, with talents, with amazing abilities that He wants you to share with others!

So friend, don’t quit! You’ve got this!

**Here’s another dream of mine coming to fruition!  Guys I can’t even!?  Our new cookbook coming in October!  So what’s your dream?  No really?  What is it?  I’d love to hear about it!  Email me back, I’d love to connect with you and help you make your dreams A REALITY!  Happy Saturday Friends!


“Acting Skinny’s 30 Days of #cleaneating” Cookbook, coming this October!

CHEERS to all the dreamers out there! Keep DREAMING FRIEND because YOU CAN DO THIS! Are you ready to go out and be incredible?

Shelly Young


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Author: Shelly Young

Hi! I'm Shelly, a dreamer of big dreams, a ​recovering perfectionist and "do too much" homeschooling mama of 4 full of energy, life, and incredible kiddos.

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