5 Super Tips and Tricks for the Busy Momma (Blog Takeover by Enozia Vakil)


Being a mommy isn’t easy, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that every mom is nothing short of a superwoman! While there’s no joy better than that of watching your kid grow up, there’s also a lot of stress, cribbing and complaining, tantrums, embarrasing moments and at times, the thought of just taking a break involved.

And as hard as it seems to get, every momma deserves to also have some ‘me’ time and a less stressful day. That’s where we come in! Check out these super awesome resources that work for literally all busy moms- implement them, and trust us on this, you’ll thank us later!

Make Chores a Fun time

If you’re a momma that works, finding time for your little one and handling all the household chores can be physically stressful- and that’s an understatement. Why not have your kid accompany you with the cleaning process? Not only will this give you more time with him, but also encourage responsibility and give you a little helping hand (pun intended).

Get ‘Em Out

Encouraging your kid to spend time outdoors and get involved in outdoor activities is a great for two reasons- one, you’ll get some time uninterrupted to clean and relax, and second, outdoor activities are great for growing children. Check out some fun indoor activities for teenagers and kids HERE and you’re pretty much sorted!

Foodies Attack!

Thanks to the viral food videos from Tasty and Buzzfeed, food obsession is getting out of hands quite literally, especially among children. Why not put it to some good use and have your little one experiment a little in the kitchen? Now it may seem counterproductive, but it doesn’t have to be. Start by spending an hour in the kitchen with your little one on a weekend, and recreate a super simple yet yummy recipe and take it from there!

Shopping Time

Who says shopping with kids isn’t fun? Ecommerce has changed the way we shop, and thankfully, you can now save those extra 30 minutes standing in the queue at the billing counter while shopping for your kid’s essentials- not to mention not having to face the embarrassment of your kid having a meltdown in the middle of the mall because you didn’t buy him those shoes that he liked.

Apps to the Rescue

Technology isn’t always bad- a few cool apps are all you need to make life lots easier for you! On my blog The Distracted Momma, you’ll find lots of apps that’ll help you with possibly everything you need- creating to-do lists, organizing your day, tips and tricks to clean your home, kid friendly recipes, frugal living essentials and lots more!

Thank you so much for joining us for a blog takeover by Enozia Vakil!

Enozia Vakil Bio

Writer, editor, social media cupcake, animal lover, goal digger, and aspiring author!  Go check out her blog The Distracted Momma here!



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