5 Ways to Save $1000 for Christmas

It’s hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner! We try to save all year for Christmas and festivities, but let’s be honest, my husband, Nate, does much better at saving than I do! Admittedly, years ago, I walked into a Dave Ramsey financial peace class, and said, “Hello, I’m Shelly. I’m a shopaholic” as if there should be some shopaholic anonymous support group just for me! That class, Financial Peace University, was life changing, and because of it and God, we were able to pay off about $40,000 in debt.  Since then, God has really impressed on my heart the importance of being a good steward of our finances, and although it’s been such a journey, I’ve learned failed tons and learned some tricks of the trade!  So here are 5 Ways to Save $1000 this Christmas!

1. Cut the Caffeine and/or extra snacks and excess food. To some this may sound like blasphemy. 

So confession, I use to spend 5.75 at Starbucks every single day! I know crazy, so 172.50 per month was getting wasted on my caffeine addiction. Perhaps you aren’t like me and crazy spending so much money on coffee. But you may spend 15-20 dollars a week on your guilty pleasure whatever that may be. Getting rid of the extra can save you almost $100 or more a month. Figure out what excess you can get rid of: caffeine, soda, or even going out to eat! You can save so much just by eliminating non essential items. Some may argue coffee would be an essential! 😉 I’m with that person, but now, I make it at home AND have one every few days!

2. Ditch the Store and Online shopping!

So after homeschooling four kiddos, I would need to get out the house, so I would head to the fanciest place I know…..Target or the Book Store or Kohls just to get out the house. Hey, mama needs a break! But while there, there was no window shopping for me. I’d pick up this or that, and that and this, and next thing you know, I’ve spent $100 plus dollars. Ditch the store and online shopping, outside of toiletry and grocery items, necessities…And save tons. Stick to your list, only buying the items needed, and watch that savings increase!

3. Make a Menu based on store sales and what is in season!

So three to four months ago, my hubby had this brilliant idea to grocery shop for our family based on a menu he created and derived from store sales. Can you say genius? Within the first month, we cut our $800 budget to $460 a month for groceries for a family of 6! Can you believe that!? $460! So a savings of $340 a month! Say what!? Yes! So whip out your weekly ads from your favorite grocery stores, and get to menu planning based on the sales they are offering and what’s in season! You’ll save a ton of money and thank me later!

4. Consign or Sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys, and or electronics

We have this place here in Columbia SC called “Once Upon a Child” where we do a bit of consigning once our children grow out of their clothes (we do save some for younger siblings), and one month, I received about $100 total for 4 trips to that consignment store. Another month, my husband took some unopened Lego sets that were in our attic, and he sold them on eBay for hundreds of dollars. So the total savings between consigning and selling items on eBay totaled more than $300! Look around your house to see what you can find to turn into cash for this Christmas!

5. Start or Join A Business: Use your gifts and passions to earn extra income

Two years ago, my daughter called me out on a dream I had been sitting on for years! I wanted to design my own clothing line, but I had no clue where to start. I started with scarves and made them for friends and family. Eventually, I began selling them on my Facebook page Acting Skinny and on my Acting Skinny website! Last Christmas alone, I made over $1000 in less than a month selling my scarves, books, and Acting Skinny “merch”! Perhaps starting your own business is too daunting, but perhaps you love make up and beauty! Young Living has an amazing makeup line, and it’s all natural so you don’t have to worry about toxins all of your face!  Or perhaps you love health and wellness and natural living, learn about how essential oils and living toxin free can help you in your health journey!  I joined Young Living  a few years ago, and it has transformed our family’s health!  I didn’t initially want to share the business, but I started in the late spring, and within just a few months of sharing the Young Living business, I’ve made enough to cover both our car notes!  (YL Income Disclosure) I know, crazy, right?  I have friends who make 6 figures in their MLM (multilevel marketing) businesses!  The MLM business is growing and growing and moms and women are taking the world by storm using social media and their God given abilities to grow their business online! There are so many avenues to use your gifts to serve others AND make a stream of revenue for you and your family!

It’s been such a huge blessing to serve others with my books, scarves through Acting Skinny business, and NOW YOUNG LIVING, and I bet you have some ideas and skills that you can use to serve others too!  The Proverbs 31 woman was such a kick butt gal who was able to serve God, love on her husband and family well, but she was also a great businesswoman!  And if that’s you, there are tons of opportunities for you to use your gifts to serve your family and others and make money doing it if that’s what you feel called to do!

With Christmas around the corner, those are 5 Ways you can save over $1000 for Christmas! What will you spend your EXTRA money on!?

Until next time friends,





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Hi! I'm Shelly, a dreamer of big dreams, a ​recovering perfectionist and "do too much" homeschooling mama of 4 full of energy, life, and incredible kiddos.

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